Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Getting Over Edie/Short Stories

Hello lovelies!

I posted this already on my tumblr but I wanted to do it here as well. Getting Over Edie Ch. 3 has already been submitted and should be up and ready to view on Thursday or Friday. I'm also working on a short story that will be exclusive to my tumblr blog. I'm pretty damn excited about it. I like chapter stories, but I really miss writing one-shot. Something about hot, to the point story that I absolutely love.

Don't forget (if you haven't already) to check out the blog and stay tuned for more goodies!

The Nerd(y) Dirt(y)

Saturday, October 23, 2010

My New Home!

Hey all! I'm super-pumped because:

1. CH. 03 of Getting Over Edie is in the final editing stages which means I should have it submitted to Lit on Sunday!

2. While I love this blog and all my followers and fans, I've created a tumblr page as well. It's a lot easier for me to make quick updates with that site. I think I'll keep this blog and revamp it. This will be used strictly for short story ideas and fan-requested stories.

This is a big deal for me, because it's like one step closer in organizing my writing and taking that big leap into being a published author!

Please check out my new home:

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Updates and Apologies

I will admit, this summer I got a little ambitious. I was full of energy, ready to tackle the beast that is this game I call writing. Things were going smoothly; graduation was behind me, Masters degree in hand. I moved into my new place with a good friend and despite my lack of enthusiasm, still living in Morgantown didn't seem so bad.

But something happened. Actually, that's the problem. NOTHING happened. This writer's block seemed different. The well of ideas was chock full, waiting to be put to paper. The motivation, however, was a different story. Post Grad Syndrome hit me hardcore. Suddenly writing didn't seem so important because I officially was AN ADULT. I went from a grad student to a full-fledged adult with. I have the college loans to prove it. Now I'm expected to find a brilliant career and start my life. The only problem? I DON'T KNOW WHAT THE HELL TO DO. I feel like a jack of all trades and a master of none.

Everyone keeps reassuring me that I will eventually find my way. It helps to know I'm not alone, that everyone my age suffers through the "What the Hell am I doing with my life" phase. I just wish my clarity would show the hell up, already.

I know this isn't a solid reason for my lack of writer slackerdom. And I wholeheartedly apologize to anyone who became frustrated with my lack of participation. Trust me, I know exactly how you feel. It sucks to have all these ideas floating around in my subconscious without any release.

I realize I need to make a change. If you noticed, the blog has a new look. I will try to update at least three times a week. I think any more than that and people will slowly start to realize I'm really a giant nerd with a lot of random thoughts.

Diligence is key, but right now I'm trying to sort and organize my surroundings. I'm working on editing my stories on Literotica. My goal for the next year is to finally be a published author.

Look for an update on Getting Over Edie as well as an excerpt from the upcoming chapter which should be completed before the week is out.

Much love!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I'm Not Dead!

Hokay so I've been a bad, bad writer. I've been so caught up with school, work, and boy drama that it's been damn near impossible to find a spare time to write. Until now. I just submitted my latest story to Lit. It should be up in a few days. I love you guys! Thanks for being so damn patient.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Happy Holidays!

Hey nerd4music fans! It's been a crazy couple of months. I'm almost finished the semester and final projects so I thought I'd give you guys an update. Decided to scrap Giving Up the Ghost. The story was getting a little too sloppy and I was having a hard time trying to find a concrete plot within the drama. Don't worry, I'm bringing it back in some form. My new story is a one shot and I hope to have it out by the start of next week. It's a little holiday fantasy, a bit of sweetness for all those bitter babes during this time of year. Don't know about you, but New Year's is always a little sad for me. Guess it's because I've never had a midnight kiss. Who knows...maybe this year I'll get lucky!

I pose this question to all my readers...what is your ultimate New Year's fantasy?

Monday, September 28, 2009

New Story!

Yes, that's right. I'VE FINALLY POSTED A NEW STORY! I submitted it fifteen minutes ago. It should be up on Lit by Wednesday or Thursday. It's called "Giving Up The Ghost". Once again it's highly personal, drawing inspiration from a situation I'm going through right now with a different guy. It's definitely been great for my sanity to write this. I'll let you guys know when it's posted but keep your eyes peeled!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Welcome to the Suck

Oy. I realize it's been AGES since I've spoken to you nerd4music fans. It's been an interesting summer. You know that expression "when it rains, it pours"? Well it's been a damn flood in my life. Just as I was getting over one situation, another reared its ugly head. It is a scientific fact (okay, maybe just my opinion) that whenever one aspect of your life starts to go right, another part will take the opportunity and turn to poop. It's been kind of tough and at the moment it feels like there's no end in sight. I feel like the past year has been a serious growing experience. I've never had to deal with so many problems hitting at the same time, be it relationship drama, worrying about my future, dealing with shitty apartment conditions, or trying to understand weird feelings about a new guy.

It's all so...foreign. I would normally deal with each crises head on, tackling the little things first. But I feel so damn overwhelmed. For the first time in my life I feel utterly helpless. And I don't like it. I've always been rather self-sufficient. It's one of the aspects of my character I admire, my ability to be independent. So now, when I have to ask for help, it's pretty much killing me to do so.

Well, enough about my life.

Now as for writing, I know y'all have been waiting so patiently for something new from me. And it's coming, I promise! I just have to find time to actually sit down and organize my thoughts. It's a bitch, let me tell you. But I just want to thank you, every one who is still here. It means a lot, more than you will know.

Until then.